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Spoon Me FanWall

What’s so great about Spoon Me Frozen Yogurt?

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8 thoughts on “Spoon Me FanWall

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  • One thing that sets Spoon Me apart is that they keep in touch with their customers and send out specials using text messages, Twitter, Facebook and other social media. That’s a real advantage for keeping in touch with the young crowd that loves Spoon Me… plus, it’s free advertising.

  • I just wanted to post something to convey my love for Spoon Me! Everything from the hip vibe to the amazing yogurt and always way fresh toppings is awesome! I literally go there almost every day. Sometimes twice! I have dragged many a friend there to experience the deliciousness. I love that you guys are completely organic and are a green company. It makes me feel good about going there! Don’t even get me started on the acai berry! Yum! You rock Spoon Me! Keep up the good work and I will keep coming back… forever!

  • I can’t get enough of this place. I go a few times a week and if I had the dough I would buy a franchise just so I could eat there every day.

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  • Don’t know anything about the franchise…but I do know how often college students will visit. I live near a large university…and a Spoon Me…and even though I live in a cold climate the store is never empty. A great idea!

  • Rick Hyatt

    Will those of you that have knowledge, please describe the yogurt as far as taste
    and other product attributes. Nothing in Texas yet, but would be interesting.

  • Christian


    The yogurt is very fresh tasting. It’s a tart yogurt — not like an ice cream or custard. Most people describe it as refreshing.

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