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Renters Warehouse Franchise

Residential property management franchise

Renters Warehouse residential property management franchise. We are dedicated to helping property owners lease and manage residential real estate. 

Franchise: Renters Warehouse
Franchisor Name: Renters Warehouse USA, LLC

HQ location:  Golden Valley, MN
Website URL:  [Requires Upgrade] 

 Year Founded:  2007
Year Franchised: 2010
Number of units, company: 1
Number of units, franchised: 1
Initial investment: $22,500
Home-based Business?  NO
Net worth/Financial Requirements: $50,000.00
Priority Markets for Expansion: California, Texas, Florida, Prime Territories available throughout USA.

Contact information for franchise program:  [Requires Upgrade]

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41 thoughts on “Renters Warehouse Franchise

  • Jonathan Confeld

    Renters Warehouse has really found a niche market with the current state of real estate. The continue to grow when other companies are cutting back. They continue to add benefits to their customers and would be a great franchise for anyone who is looking to start one.

  • This is & has been an amazing concept with what’s been going on with our economy and I believe many years to come. Great/well structured company to work for.

  • Matt Leavitt

    Having watched first hand what has happened to the burgeoning rental market over the past few years. Renterswarehouse has proven through its own local business model that high growth potential with a steady stream of clients who can’t sell there home offers a better alternative to “dump and run”. Professional Home rental and Management is not just a solution, but will soon be recognized as a movement, preserving neighborhoods and providing solutions in today’s upside down housing market.

  • Jon Ortner

    Renters Warehouse is definitely leading the charge with the changing economy, not only are more people renting these days, but in each market that Renters Warehouse has entered, the “established” management companies have had to change their structures repeatedly to compete with RW. RW was the first to offer a warranty on all placed tenants, now most of their competition are doing so as well. They also have a great low fixed monthly fee, other companies are now offering a fixed fee as well as opposed to a percentage of gross rents. Not only are they innovators, they are changing the industry.

  • Trent Zachmann

    You would be hard pressed to find a property management company that is developing as many innovative programs for their clients as Renters Warehouse. This has assisted in the continued growth of Renters Warehouse during these down times in the housing market. Always looking for new ways to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Sean Clark

    Renters Warehouse has been leading the way in developing new and great ideas for owners and tenants alike in the renting business. Other companies do their best to model themselves after the best in the business. With the housing market way down and only getting worse the timing couldn’t have been better. Owners don’t have to worry about taking a huge hit by selling their homes now when they can simply rent out their homes with a trusted management company such as Renters Warehouse.

  • Jesse Evans

    Renters Warehouse has shown amazing growth and prosperity in a very difficult economy. They do this with an incredibly innovative business plan coupled with outstanding staff and proven processes. They will continue to grow in a down market and will always bring the newest innovations to the property management industry.

  • Renters Warehouse is a top of the line company with a great future. Positioned perfectly in the current economy, Renters Warehouse will be bring incredible value to their customers for many years to come. We work together often and their innovative culture is extremely impressive and something for other businesses to strive for.

  • Ashley Hayden

    Renters Warehouse is a force not to be reckoned with – in just a few short years the company has taken over the Minnesota property management industry and has already expanded to franchises in AZ and CO. Renters Warehouse always comes out with industry first services to enhance their value to their clients, and their competitors are quick to try to imitate these services. The possibilities for this company are endless – get your Renters Warehouse franchise in your desired location while you still can!

  • Renters Warehouse is truly an emerging innovative new brand. I may be a little biast as founder, but no where else can you find a residential property manager with an array of services like free credit repair, rental rewards programs, daily deal websites for tenants and owners, as well as trademarked business accountability components like TenantPlus & FastFunds. I

    Thank you for the positive praise on our brand, Im simply inspired by the comments.

  • Madeline Hornig

    With all the rental companies that have popped up over the last few years, Renters Warehouse truly is unique. instead of a large corporation, RW is very personable and more like a close-knit family. The company cares about our clients and wants to do the best we can for them. They do not accept just any tenant to make a quick buck but instead makes sure that they find a quality tenant who the owner will be happy with and have no difficulties with in the future. Overall RW wants the best for it’s clients and employees.

  • Steven Barks

    Renters Warehouse not only provides the best property management and tenant placement services on the market to its property owners, but it also provides the highest quality tools and competitive compensation package to it’s agents. Renters Warehouse has the uncanny ability to do exactly what they promise, where as most management companies are all talk and no success. If you want professional, Renters Warehouse is the answer.

  • Kevin Ortner

    As the first franchisee of Renters Warehouse I can truly speak to it’s innovative programs, systems and take on residential property management. Becoming part of the Renters Warehouse family was one of the smartest things I ever did – as I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel for my business. Everything I needed was provided to me and the hands on training was phenomenal. Thanks to Renters Warehouse I’m building a recognized business in Arizona and creating financial security for my family for years to come.

  • RentersWarehouse has been a game changer for the rental industry with its cutting edge programs for not only tenant placement but property management as well. I have been able to watch the company double in size each year for the past 3 years. It was one of my best decisions to join this team as it has changed my life forever!

  • Renters Warehouse is a solid company built on a proven service model. In today’s real estate climate they fill a need for so many home owners who aren’t able to sell their homes. I expect to see Renters Warehouse franchises opening in other markets across the country in the near future. Renters Warehouse is more than a client of mine, I am proud to consider them a partner.

  • Ashley Knight

    Renters Warehouse is the most innovative property management company out there. They are always looking for new ways to add to customer experience. Renters Warehouse has already grown and expanded within just a few short years and continues to do so rapidly! Without question, Renters Warehouse is a great company to be a part of!

  • Renterswarehouse has given property owners a little bit of a break in this tough market. Renterswarehouse’s tenant placement and management programs provide owners with an easy way to aquire quality tenants and the assurance that their property is being watched over.

  • Susan Herdina

    Renters Warehouse is a leader in providing thoughtfull and innovative services to both their landlords and tenants. They are truly committed to their clients; a characteristic that’s hard to find in the property management business.

  • Molly Bresthammer

    I have been following the growth of Renters Warehouse over the past few years. Whats a tremendous climb! Look out this company is going places. They will have me as a happy customer for sometime to come!

  • Renters Warehouse is focusing on customer satisfaction. In a short time they have showed how that has paid off. Only companies that have a cutting edge business model w/ excellent consumer skills get my biz.

  • Efrain Chacon

    Since I heard about Renters Warehouse, I have looked for other companies that can offer the same. I’ll be the first to say that none can do it like them. This company will have success for years to come!!

  • Krystal Eberlein

    It is great to know a company like this. I am always hearing of my friends moving and wanting to rent. This way I have someone to send them to. Thanks Rental Warehouse.

  • Dustin Homan

    Renters warehouse is a great company that takes care of customers. They truly are a stand up company and I look forward to seeing their success in the near future!

  • Christine McMillan

    I just recently heard about Renters Warehouse after becoming a friend of Josh Altman. I have to say with what I have read this is a company that is going to give others a run for their money!! In this day and age finding a company that cares for their clients is hard to come by. So my hats off Renters Warehouse and much continued success to them.

  • Grace Bellamy

    This is recommended by the Altman Brothers! So it must be fabulous if they endorse it!

  • kellee church

    Up and coming–check it out! Great group of people. 🙂

  • Renters Warehouse continues to grow and add new services for their customers. They now have Josh Altman, Star of Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Listing as their endorser. That show me they know what they are doing and want to take on more luxury rental properties.

  • Jason Menden

    Renters Warehouse continues to grow at a remarkable rate. They continue to be on the forefront of innovation in the property management market.

  • Wyatt Kern

    As a friend of a co-worker I hear about the great things they are doing. If someone needs their house rented out, Renters Warehouse will me my first recommendation

  • Jason Menden

    Renters Warehouse continues to grow through their celebrity endorsements. I hear the radio advertisements on a daily basis.

  • Matthew Confeld

    My brother works for the company and tells me about all the great things they are doing there. I really like that they use celebrity endorsements to help spread the company name.

  • Bill Stecker

    It is great to see a company on the rise in tough times. Renters Warehouse is a great franchise opportunity not only for those involved in property management but also for any solid business minded folks looking for a niche market that is hot and should continue to be hot for quite some time.

  • Renters Warehouse powerful and cutting edge property management company. I highly recommend using them. You won’t be disappointed

  • Jason Kramer

    I see and hear of Renters Warehouse constantly in my market. Hats off to them and their marketing department…they are really knocking it out of the park! Congrats!

  • Renters Warehouse is doing some incredible things. At the rate they are growing it won’t be long and they will be the largest property management company in the country.

  • Pete Shrader

    Renters Warehouse has a solid, proven business model that a franchisee can tap into and get immediate success. They are truly 2nd to none in tenant placement and property managment!

  • Steven Walters

    I recently moved into a property managed by Renters Warehouse, my leasing agent was extremely informative and very helpful when I was moving in. When I found out I was able to pay my rent online, I was excited. That is something that is very convenient now for people. All in all I was pleased with the service that Renters Warehouse staff has given to me, they are all professional and friendly.

  • I followed RentersWarehouse as a company for two years. When the opportunity arose for me to join the team of leasing agents I was excited to say the least. To date all of my expectations have been exceeded. Great business model and incredible marketing combine to ensure success.

  • Brent Wilcox

    After dealing with Renters Warehouse from the point of a radio advertising representative, I admire their understanding of the importance of solid, multi-dimensional marketing. Home Leasing is such a viable option for so many people on both sides of the coin and they step up to the plate and reach out to introduce themselves to that market. The credibility factor is so high within their marketing that they have very recognizable local and national celebrities doing endorsements on their behalf. The beauty of the industry that Renters Warehouse has helped create is that a typical lease signing is a win-win situation for the owner and the tenant. Renters Warehouse continues to bring lessees and lessors together in a professional, thorough, and mutually beneficial environment.

  • Nicholas Vetter

    Renters Warehouse is the answer for any property owner looking to rent there home. Extremely motivated agents and staff to make the process seamless and stress free. With the outstanding reputation that Renters Warehouse is known for it is soon to be the only place for tenants and homeowners alike to go to while looking into the rental option.

  • Derek Spindle

    I’m strongly considering buying a RW franchise and so far they seem to be leaps and bounds ahead of their competition technology wise. Kudos

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