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eggs70Do you know of a promising new or emerging franchise opportunity?  Tell us about it below.

Please include a company contact and website address (if you can) and why you think it’s a Top New Franchise.

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  • Young Rembrandts is a home-based franchise that provides affordable art education for families. Named ‘Best in Category’ and #2 overall in Children’s Enrichment Programs by Entrepreneur Magazine, Young Rembrandts is more than the original, most recognized, and most respected art enrichment program in the United States; it is an art education methodology focused on fostering children’s overall brain development.

    By participating in each week’s new and engaging lessons in elementary schools, pre-schools, day-cares, park districts and other host locations; Young Rembrandts students are not only developing drawing skills and mastering artistic concepts – studies also show that they are developing classroom and social skills critical to both academic and life-long success.

    A Young Rembrandts franchise provides many opportunities in one neat package – an affordable, family-friendly, true home-based business; a profitable and secure investment; the ability to make a difference in the lives of children, education, and to a community; AND the chance to make a positive and significant change in your own life.

    The Ideal Young Rembrandts Candidate is:
    • A strong leader with great people skills, committed to quality and excellence
    • A networker and connector in their community, determined to be a successful entrepreneur
    • A desire to positively impact a community and improve education

    Strong business and management skills are essential to being a Young Rembrandts Franchisee. But, a certified teaching or art degree is not required.
    Young Rembrandts Franchisees receive extensive training and continual support from a Leadership Team with hands-on experience in managing and growing an extensive territory.

    Franchise owners are provided extensive training materials, a turn-key operation and the tools that lead to success in all areas of the business, including:
    • Nation’s top-rated and most expansive art enrichment program, recognized for quality and commitment to education
    • Industry’s most comprehensive educationally-based curriculum, exceeding all US National Art Standards
    • A proven 20 year business model, successful in all economic sectors
    • Comprehensive training, materials and on-going support in all elements of managing a franchise unit including financials, teacher training, and sales and marketing
    • Dynamic marketing tools and materials including state-of-the-art website, SEO & PPC campaigns, e-newsletters, social media campaigns, national conference representation, sister retail company that expands brand awareness, and professional, customizable marketing materials

    Art is powerful. Our business is centered on making a positive impact in education and children’s lives through art. Our focus as a franchise is to bring that power to future generations world-wide by remaining the leader in our industry with franchisees that share our drive, passion, and our unfaltering commitment to quality.

    Please visit to learn more about our franchise opportunities of contact Franchise Sales at

  • 10 til 2 is The Part Time Placement Service. We help businesses save money on the bottom line by providing them with college educated professionals for part-time positions. No Temps. No Costly Benefits. Just Skilled Professionals. For more information, check us out at or follow us on Twitter: @10til2.

  • Creative Tutors is a home based business that has the strength and structure of a Fortune 500 company. The franchisor, Jan Van Blarcum, has assembled an excellent team of franchise owners and staff that keep this franchise on the cutting edge.

    Although the infrastructure of the franchise is sturdy, it is very user friendly and is a great investment for anyone who is passionate about education, wants to make an impact on students and want to yield a great return on their investment.

    The franchise has quarterly meetings that are packed with information and training to keep all owners sharp with trends in education, resources available, district changes/modification and economic strategies. The franchisor and franchise owners are an awesome family, and all take great interest and very hands on approach in making sure that each franchise has what it needs to succeed.

    Creative Tutors provides one-on-one tutoring sessions for with licensed teachers in the homes of families. The franchise works hard year round to recruit teachers, and pays teachers at such a rate, that it is able to place an ear mark on quality teachers and provide students the best support and educational attention to excel.

    Creative Tutors is an excellent investment. For more information about owning a franchise, contact:

    Jan Van Blarcum

  • Recently I have seen many “education” franchise opportunities around. However, the one that continues to stick out in my mind is Creative Tutors. Their approach seems to get better results than any of the others.

    In reviewing their organization, the franchisor has built a solid stable company with the right infrastructure and team to support the franchisees. Their investments in marketing, technology, processes and training have really positioned this franchise at the top of the list.

    Having talked to several of their franchise owners, they are positive about their businesses and are seeing continuous growth on many fronts.

    I would highly recommend this franchise opportunity for someone who wants a home based business that helps people, provides great financial opportunity, and a great team of people to work with.

    For more information, contact

    Jan Van Blarcum

  • I am impressed with the philosophy of Creative Tutors because it’s an education based on meaningful practices that promote learning opportunities using a strategy with metacognition.

    The owner, Jan Van Blarcum, is a generous and driven person. Her passion is spreading the benefits of learning to young people. She’s not interested in making an empire; instead she is very focused on providing quality education services.

    I think from what I’ve seen and experienced as a high school science teacher, and from being a professional in business, she has the right chemistry to offer this valuable tutoring service to help rectify the quagmire of K12 education. Jan is very diligent about her methods to find the right people to work with her and implement her vision. Overall, my impression is that she’ll be very successful in her endeavors and that her tutoring service is wanted and needed.

  • FIRESTORM addresses Dept of Homeland Security, Title IX business preparedness certification guidelines. This is off the charts different. FIRESTORM is for the professional who understands the value of disaster recovery planning and response, and the risk corporate, business, and community leadership take if inappropriately addressed. Think of the revenue streams generated by addressing these three words PLAN for the worse, PREDICT the possibilities, PERFORM when disaster strikes. Franchisees get the infrastructure to satisfy all those needs, and more.

    Check out FIRESTORM at
    Direct contact: Hutch Hodgson (800) 321-2219

    The Franchise Advocate

  • tumble & tea cafe is a posh, wifi cafe with and indoor playground for kids. We serve made to order espresso, breakfast, paninis, salads and sandwiches made from the best ingredients available.

    We cater to the adult side of parents offering a hip ambiance, free wifi, gourmet food and great music. Our concept offers multiple streams of income including birthday parties, admission, cafe sales, catering and special events.

  • CarePatrol – A Pioneer in Senior Referral and Placement
    What Is Senior Referral and Placement?

    As a CarePatrol franchisee you will be assisting seniors and their families make tough decisions by finding Assisted Living or In Home Care in their area. You will contract with area care providers and get paid handsomely every time your client chooses care with one of those providers.

    You will be helping families at a difficult time in their lives and feel great while doing it, knowing that you have made a difference with each and every client.

    Unlike other businesses, you will provide your services absolutely FREE to your clients. That’s right, FREE. You will get paid by the hundreds of care providers that contract with you to connect your clients with them.

    It’s a business where everybody wins! You help your client solve their care issues, you produce business for the care provider and you receive a very high commission every time you perform your service!

    Does this concept work?
    The principals of CarePatrol have been doing referral and placement for over 14 years. Chuck Bongiovanni, CEO, was one of the pioneers of the referral and placement industry as it was developing from its infancy stage. You have a team of seasoned professionals working for and with you every day of your business.

    You will be using our proprietary “CarePatrol Connections” software package. With “CarePatrol Connections” you can run your business totally online, manage your clients, care providers and marketing sources. Match your clients to the right care providers, send out alerts and even invoice all from the same exclusive software. We make it efficient and easy for you to be successful.

    CarePatrol was recently invited to appear as a feature franchise on CNN’s and CNBC’s “Inside Business with Senator Fred Thompson”. The show “Best Franchise Concepts To Consider In A Changing Economy.” will air in the Fall 2009 nationally.
    Ask our current franchiseesYou can ask our current happy franchisees any question you may have during your discovery process. They will candidly talk to you about our franchise, our support and our staff.

    What does the future hold?
    The senior industry is more than thriving. Those individuals 80 years old and older are the largest growing population in the nation. The multi-billion dollar assisted living industry is growing by leaps and bounds every year.

    Aging in America
    The rapidly aging population is having a profound effect on how society considers and approaches issues such as transportation, health care, retirement and housing. Adults age 65+ currently account for 35 million of the population. By 2030, this population will number over 70 million.

    One estimate says that the lifetime probability of becoming disabled in at least two Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) or of being cognitively impaired is 68% for men and women 65 and older. ADLs are defined as toileting, transferring, bathing, dressing, eating and continence.

    The probability of disability increases sharply with age. Approximately 74% of people aged 80 and older reported at least one disability and 34.9% of the same population needed assistance resulting from the development of one or more disabilities.

    With an increased life span and increased disability with the elderly, it makes sense that in-home and assisted living care will be in high demand in the very near future. We are already seeing this in the 80+ year old seniors, which happens to be the fastest growing population segment.

    CarePatrol is in business at the right time. You could be too!

  • Talking Tots is committed to providing fun, interactive classes to all pre-school children, enabling them to communicate with confidence. Due to unprecedented national demand, they’re seeking bright, enthusiastic people to launch Talking Tots franchises around the country.

    The first Talking Tots franchise launched in September 2007 and they now have lots of franchises serving a loyal customer base. Franchisees have the advantage of being part of the UK’s fastest growing pre-school activity group. Talking Tots provides a unique and flexible business opportunity that can fit in around the hectic demands of your own family.

    You don’t need formal qualifications to run a Talking Tots franchise, but you do need to be organised, energetic and (of course) enjoy the unique challenges of working with the pre-school population!

    In return, Talking Tots will provide you with full support and all the tools you need to run your business, including:

    – comprehensive pre-launch training
    – detailed class programmes and manuals
    – a complete Talking Tots props kit
    – access to our online support forum
    – ongoing marketing and PR support

    Key markets are available now across the UK.

  • Extreme Pizza is known for its innovative pizza combinations and its core philosophy: Extreme. Not mainstream. The company evolved from a love of “extreme” sports and the theme of their stores is exactly that. Photos of surfers, bikers, skiers, skateboarders and more such athletes “getting extreme” adorn the walls of each location. So while you’re enjoying signature pizzas such as Adrenaline Rush, The Boar’der and Everest you’ll be happy to know that you’re pushing the limits of extremely delicious eating.

    Extreme Pizza is a one-of-kind restaurant experience that delivers delicious pizzas and other food fare, prepared fresh daily. Homemade sauces, locally grown vegetables, all-natural cheeses and the highest quality meats available, make their menu offering irresistible.

    Founded in San Francisco in 1994, the company now boasts 40 locations nationwide, as well as international. Extreme Pizza has all of the key components for a successful business – a high quality product, top-rated customer satisfaction, passionate employees and community involvement.

  • Meatballz italian Gourmet Deli is a franchise out of the Phoenix, AZ. area. the original meatballz restaurant opened around 2004 or so and has so grown in popularity that customers literally stand in line out the front door to get in. The food is great-the food prices are low0the service is fast and very friendly and people come back and back often several times a week.
    They have recently opened a 2nd meatballz in Peoria, AZ and owners Pete & Robert are still cooking up great meals for their hungry customers.
    If you’re ever in the Phoenix, AZ. area you need to check out this great franchise.

  • The Playground For Kids is a unique party and play facility that offers parents more choices than private parties and more than inflatables. We are launching our rewarding indoor party and play facility franchise in November 2009! With open play times, private parties, concessions, daily specials and so much more, The Playground For Kids offers an entreprenuer a faster return on their investment than relying on only private parties. Visit our website and click FRANCHISE, we would love to talk to you about the great opportunities that The Playground For Kids offers its franchisees. Our franchise fee ad royalties are well below the competition yet we offer more. Minimum $50,000 liquid cash required.

  • B2B Guidebook is a great new franchise serving a previously untapped niche market, small and medium sized business to business (b2b) companies.
    The B2B Guidebook program brings together groups of local b2b businesses to share equally in the costs of an ongoing direct mail program. By splitting the costs among 20+ business owners, each business gets a direct mail marketing program for a fraction of the cost of going it alone.

  • Frucosol, a Spanish manufacturer of food service and catering equipment, has developed two new franchises, ECOLIMPIEZA and SERVIZUMO, but the first one is the most interesting. It consists of renting a decarboniser, that is, a machine that removes the grease and dirty from all the kitchen tools: pots, pans, trays, filters, cutlery, frying pans, oven trays, …
    In less than 1 year the initial investment can be repaid, and there are no royalties at all…

  • Ever wanted to get in on a future franchise before it is franchised? The tea and cupcake business is booming worldwide and we are franchising a concept called “The Path of Tea” (TPOT) which is owned by the only tea expert/master in the great State of Texas.
    People love this business, repeat customers come in again & again. The total cost for the pending a franchised unit will be under $200K, Royalty Fees will probably be 5%, and master franchises will be available for qualified applicants who acquire a master territory to open their own franchises TPOT then will sell TPOT franchises to others within their region earning 50% of the Franchise Fee (probably $30K-$39K), and part of the weekly Royalty Fees from each open franchised TPOT within the master franchisee’s protected territory.
    Finance sources are expected to be available requiring only about $50K cash down & borrowing the balance with good credit. Check it out!

  • Lakewood, Colorado-based Handyman Matters is a nationally recognized franchise concept that serves the repair, restoration and maintenance needs of both residential and business customers. Handyman Matters specializes in small- to medium-size jobs covering a wide range of “around-the-house” handyman tasks, repairs, installations and maintenance found on everyone’s to-do lists. Handyman Matters has taken the traditional handyman business and created a tech-savvy handyman service that offers one-stop shopping for both consumers and businesses while providing a pricing model in which customers only pay for the time spent on their project. We began operation in 1998 and started franchising in 2001; currently Handyman Matters has 120 franchisees in the U.S., Canada and Ireland.

    Visit for more information.

  • Fast-Growing groOrganic™ Announces Franchise Opportunities Now Available throughout California
    January 27th 2010 – Califonia—groOrganic™ announces that franchise opportunities for its groOrganic™ concept of enabling environmentally conscious consumers install and maintain customized organic vegetable gardens and vineyards are now available in locations throughout the California. Their approach is by far the most convenient way for newcomers — who make up 21% of the 43 million homes with home gardens in 2009 – to begin organic gardening at home. groOrganic is positioned to franchise throughout America in 2010, and founder, Karen Cancilla, is realizing her dream of cultivating healthy lifestyles by bringing organic gardens to as many people as possible.
    groOrganic is a family of companies committed to cultivating healthy lifestyles in every community they serve with their passion and dedicated team of Certified groOrganic Gardeners who offer their personal pledge of excellence. They believe there IS an economical, healthy way to eat organically and can provide that with the sense of self sufficiency for you and your family.
    groOrganic supports small American businesses and they proudly offer superior merchandise from only the best USA suppliers. Their promise is to support the local business community by first seeking out custom hand-built and hand-painted products from local contractors and artists.
    They offer a diverse gardening curriculum for adults, children, and those with special needs who can benefit from educational and horticultural therapy programs.
    Whether you live in a house or apartment, you can enjoy the benefits of home grown organic produce. Their custom-built raised planters and space-saving barrels are designed to give you the advantage of incorporating vegetable gardens into your landscape, patio, or balcony.
    Karen Cancilla, the founder of groOrganic, established her first business in 1985. She went on to open several more businesses before retiring from the insurance industry to pursue her passion and next major venture, groOrganic. Karen Cancilla, business woman and mother of six founded the company when she noticed a growing demand for fresher foods and healthier lifestyles. The companies mission is to enhance peoples lives through „gro-ing‟ green, fresh, and responsibly.
    The Los Angeles-based organic gardening company has a growing list of fans and customers, thanks in part to the “Slow Food Movement” and its devoted supporters, and word-of-mouth generated by people all over the country. Even Hollywood celebrities have generated a lot of buzz for groOrganic, many of whom enjoy their own groOrganic gardens and are excited about the prospect of having their very own organic produce in their yards. groOrganic has been featured in articles, blogs, and on the television shows “The Biggest Loser”, “Keeping with Kardashians”, “Tori & Dean, Home Sweet Hollywood”, and “Access Hollywood”.
    As a groOrganic Franchisee, you will install and maintain home organic gardens in backyards in your territory. This is wonderful news to those of us who wish to begin a healthier lifestyle and rid our families of the chemicals that are being put on and in our produce. In addition to the numerous health benefits, a groOrganic garden offers environmental and financial benefits, educational opportunities, disaster preparedness, and many social aspects that affect our communities in a positive way. We believe the groOrganic Concept can be spread through franchisees throughout the nation and beyond.
    More Info: To learn more about groOrganic franchise opportunities in the states of California, Arizona and Nevada, contact Karen Cancilla directly at 888-947-6674

  • Cell Again provides customers with a cost-effective way to buy or replace
    existing cell phones without the hassle of a contract. The
    franchise system focuses on low-risk, kiosk locations where customers not
    only purchase phones and accessories, but can also sell their old cell
    phones. Cell Again has five current locations with four in Utah and one in
    Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Traditionally, carriers pay most cell phone retailers commissions 90 days
    after a phone is sold. This puts them in a constant state of negative cash
    flow. By focusing on buying used phones and selling them to customers with
    no allegiance to carriers, Cell Again has set itself apart and become very

  • The Cleaner Spot is a great franchise to look into. A true turn key system covering everything including location, build out, signage, marketing, training, signage, on going support and much more.

    Total price, including franchise fee is $87K and we offer up to 50% financing.

    Dry cleaning is a $10 billion dollar industry and recession resistant. All work is done off site by qualified vendors typically at 50% or less than retail. Our stores are easy to run and can provide a great lifestyle. Your primary responsibility is providing great customer service and managing your vendors.

    For more information please visit our web site or call 800-335-0567.

  • PortaJane™ “Because John Can’t Aim!” is top new franchise. Go to and click on the FRANCHISE tab…

    The PortaJane™ is the first portable restroom designed specifically “For Women Only.” Unique and easily recognizable, the curvaceous design (patent pending) is available in pink with white trim.

    The event planning industry has had to settle for the substandard level portable restrooms, but now there is a better answer. By working with event planner to coordinate their sanitation needs franchisees are able to provide a solution to a problem that everyone has had to just accept in the past.

  • The Dogs Love Running! home-based franchise opportunity is much more than the typical dog walking and pet sitting business. With the pet industry booming and health and fitness becoming important to more and more Americans and their pets, it’s the perfect opportunity for those who would love to help pets live longer and behave better through exercise.

    Clients love us because we provide services that are almost impossible to find anywhere else. And you’ll love us because you can finally have a job where you can make money, be happy, and create a real difference in peoples’ and animals’ lives.

    Find out more about how you can have a job that you love.
    call 1-877-PETS-RUN

  • 1-800-DRYCARPET® is the first and original US based National Franchise Company that provides GREEN Genuine DRY ORGANIC™ Carpet Cleaning Services through. We’re celebrating 18 years of green cleaning technology!

  • Progreen Painting uses ONLY Low and Zero VOC products with impecable workmanship and great pricing, also with proceeds being donated to WWF Canada,the global conservation organization!

  • Just Between Friends is the nation’s leading children’s and maternity consignment franchise. Started in a living room in 1997 by two moms in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Just Between Friends helps families save & earn money and offers an incredible business opportunity at a very low cost. A proven business model, Just Between Friends allows owners to earn a great secondary income that an eventually replace full time income.

    We are currently in 106 locations in 22 states and are actively seeking franchisees in all 50 states

  • The Hungry Greek™ is the place to be if your looking for authentic great tasting greek food! We love to share our family recipes of Mousaka, Dolmades and Pastitsio with your family’s hunger. Our wide selection of dishes made fresh with the most natural ingredients – including our dressings. It’s fresh, It’s healthy, It’s good – it’s our motto!

    The Hungry Greek™ was a vision created by Dino Constantinou and his son George. In 2006 Dino and George pursued their passion of Greek food and culture. With the success of their first location in west Tampa, Dino and George opened their second Hungry Greek™ in Wesley Chapel in 2009.

    Dino Constantinou grew up on the Greek island of Cyprus. In 1969 he moved to New York to complete high school. Working in his uncle’s diner, he was promoted to head chef by the age of 18. In 1977 Dino moved to Florida to pursue his passion for the hospitality industry. Expanding his knowledge through various restaurant ventures, and grasping the American culture, he went into business with his son George. With George’s background in business management and Dino’s traditional Greek culture, The Hungry Greek™ came into existence.

    They have just begun franchising.

    Dino Constantino

    Call John for information on Franchise Sales

  • Offering Two Different Franchise Opportunities…

    A National Martial Arts League Team Franchise

    Under the National Martial Arts League Franchise Disclosure Document we offer a defined and protected territory in which you¡¯ll have the right to operate a National Martial Arts League team franchise, whereby the owner will also own and operate at least one Kumite Fightclub Martial Arts Instruction and Training facility by converting his/her existing martial arts studio or developing a new Kumite Fightclub.

    As a National Martial Arts League franchisee you will own your own National Martial Arts League Team which will consist of martial artists of all styles, ages 18 and over both male and female.
    Or a stand-alone Kumite Fightclub Martial Arts Training Facility

    Under the Kumite Fightclub Franchise Disclosure Document The franchise offered is for the establishment and operation of a business offering a school for martial arts. We offer 1 type of franchise: a Kumite Fightclub.

    As the owner of a Kumite Fightclub your school will not only offer a traditional structured white-to-black belt certificate program, but also provide solution-based programs designed to resolve real community issues; such as stress, domestic violence, bullying and obesity along with offering National Martial Arts League products and services for sale and distribution.

    Specialized community programs such as:

    ¡¤ Onsite self defense for businesses

    ¡¤ TeenScene ¨C local teens defining the social entertainment infrastructure for area teens.

    ¡¤ FightNite


    NFL!WWE! MMA and now the National Martial Art’s League (NMAL)!

    For over sixty years martial artists have honed their skills in one-on-one combat (Kumite) in hopes of being the best of best, or becoming the next Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee. But so far no one, including investors has yet to reap the rewards that the sport can generate should it break out of its current limitation. The National Martial Arts League is poised to propel this exciting sport to the next level. That level will pull the fragmented martial arts world apart and force it into events culminating in city/state championships across the nation.

    A once in a lifetime opportunity!

    Here¡¯s your chance to be a part of something new and exciting, by owning your own National Martial Arts League Team Franchise or Kumite Fighclub. Just imagine how successful you would be today if you bought into the NFL during its infancy. Now here¡¯s your chance with the National Martial Arts League and Kumite Fightclub franchises. If you have been looking for an opportunity in a fast-growing industry that is exciting, unique and with unlimited upside potential and profit, you¡¯ve found it!

    With a National Martial Arts Team Franchise or a Kumite Fightclub your opportunity for success is unlimited.

    What Makes THE NATIONAL MARTIAL ARTS LEAGUE Unique and Stand Alone?

    The only opportunity for martial artists both male and female, 18+ of all martial arts styles to compete and secure professional team positions and represent their city/state team for a National Championship.
    No other martial arts Platform provides an opportunity of this magnitude.
    The National Martial Arts League Franchise, LLC provides a ground floor opportunity in owning a professional sports team franchise.
    Instant recognition and guaranteed profit.
    a national sport that brings needed recognition to the martial arts world plus another Venue choice for spectator entertainment for the masses;
    an organized, controlled scoring environment to standardize competition for martial artists of all styles.

    No National Competitors
    Only Franchise of its type in the Industry
    Granting of an Exclusive Territory
    In-Depth Marketing Program
    Experienced Support Staff
    Exclusive and Proprietary Product
    Low Staff Requirements
    Extensive Training Program
    On-Site Pre-Opening Assistance
    What Tools Does the National Martial Arts League Franchise, LLC Provide to Franchisees?

    Grand Opening ¨C A National Martial Arts League Franchise representative will guide you through all the stress of getting your business open for the first time!
    Architectural guidelines including floor plan design
    Franchise Training
    With the National Martial Arts League Franchise, LLC, the training never stops. Initially, we have a mandatory training either near you or at our home office in South Carolina come and spend 5 days learning how to best run your National Martial Arts League franchise. That may include working at an existing Kumite Fightclub Facility. Once the first week is completed, we may provide daily or weekly assistance via phones, visits, faxes, e-mail and manuals for as long as you need it. We can also provide on-site visitations.
    A comprehensive confidential operations manual
    Strong on-going franchise operational support with individual attention to you!
    State-of-the-art marketing system that provides you with advertising and promotional materials online!
    Outstanding PROFIT potential!
    Franchises may be owned by a corporation, a partnership or by an individual and operate autonomously within the NMAL (the League), but all teams follow the same approach in advertising and marketing. Each team develops its own identity, logo, owns the team tryout rights for its territory to secure team members, coaches, trainers, etc. and markets accordingly.

    In addition to physical fitness and mental conditioning, the NMAL offers excellent opportunities for coaches, referees, and front office administrative personnel seeking careers. Coaches receive experience by working with competitors and preparing fight strategies while referees are presented with a challenge of officiating fast-paced, action packed events. People involved with management aspects gain unparalleled experience and insights into the operation of a professional sports franchise. Franchises also become more involved with their communities by providing a professional sports team, which becomes an active vehicle for pleasure, community service and profit.

    Not only is the NMAL a developmental forum, but it is also a revolutionary business enterprise. Established as the only professional martial arts league to utilize franchising techniques, the NMAL offers potential owners one of the least expensive franchises to purchase and operate in professional sports.


    A passionate commitment to customer service
    A desire to be your own boss
    A full-time commitment to building and developing relationships
    Total Initial Investment Range US$61,400 to $141,000

  • Mary Baker

    Tasty Image

    Tasty Image is a chocolate empire that offers unique personalized confectionary items based on an innovative chocolate printing technology that reproduces any custom image or text on any type of chocolate. Sales are made through the flagship store in Jupiter, Florida; online; through affiliate associates; and through independently-owned franchise stores.

    Tasty Image is a brand new world wide franchise, born and raised in Jupiter, Florida and cultivated by the brilliant marketing mind and boundless creativity of founder Derri Cerbone, a mother of two and former teacher.

    Tasty Image’s unique technology has revolutionized the chocolate industry. Instead of just ordering a box of truffles, or a heart-shaped box of chocolates, customers can now print a photo or image directly on chocolate. They even sell chocolate business cards, which have been immensely popular with several local industries.

    Derri’s endless creativity and quest for ways to engage the whole family in a chocolate experience led her to purchase the rights to the printing technology. From there, she began selling the technology to other chocolatiers worldwide, and the success of those early efforts created a brand new American franchise.

    In the last two years, growth has been explosive, with much of the activity blooming from a very busy staff of over 25 administrative and creative employees and consultants.

    The company is redesigning its main website, creating the Tasty Image Kids website, expanding its Facebook presence with custom-designed slideshows, building a Twitter presence of over 2,000 followers, and launching advertising campaigns.

    The success of Derri’s creative products and warm customer service has created a flood of demand for her product and for the opportunity to own a Tasty Image franchise. As Derri is fond of saying, “We’re happy people in a happy industry.”

    This amazing success has created a new American franchise (with outlets sold worldwide). Soon you will see Tasty Image signs and banners in malls and storefronts across the U.S.

    For more information, contact Mary Baker –

  • Kiss your dusty cubicle good-bye! Your new clients and co-workers will be dogs & cats who are always happy to see you and can’t wait to play, go for walks and give you TLC!

    Everyday is so fun and we never have the same day twice.

    Visit for the exciting details…100% of business tools included for any new franchisee! Its Time To Work For Yourself and Be You Own Boss!


  • Freddy O’Pry

    Having been in the franchise business for many years i have found what i believe to be the next best franchise after Massage Envy – It’s Bouari Clinic at This weight loss franchise which i certainly to avail myself of has some pretty incredible but true earnings claims listed in the Franchise Dislosure Document (FDD).

    The two Los Vegas Bouari clinics generated almost $2 million in gross revenue in 2010 and had combined net profits of about $700,000 in 2010! And it only costs around $125K to open a franchised unit.

  • Loving Care Pet Services in Chicago’s North Shoe has been filling the ever-growing need for full-service dog daycare, grooming, boarding and personal in-home visits and walks at their locations since 1998.

    With more than 74 million dogs owned nationwide, it’s no wonder that spending on pets has doubled in the last decade. The fastest growing sector of the pet industry is pet services. In addition to daycare, your Loving Care Pet Services offers clients and their owners:

    Overnight Dog Boarding & Dog Daycare
    Grooming Services
    Dog Walking/home visits
    Retail Boutique

    Loving Care offers the highest quality grooming and pet care in a stress-free, safe and loving environment. It could be argued they love their clients pets as much the clients do!

    Check out their franchise website at

    Or Call Rick Grossmann at 303-378-2221

  • I began working for Thunder Beach as of June 3rd. We build sand sports complexes as add-on profit centers to bowling centers, sports bars, family fun centers, etc. We are young company, but already we have more requests than we can handle in the next year and we are in need of people who want to become franchisees! I can honestly say I know of no better franchise opportunity than Thunder Beach. Here’s why:

    * Our business model virtually eliminates all rent and/or land costs.
    * 3 man teams (the franchisee and two employees) can run the entire operation.
    * We offer National support for each location.

    As you can see, we eliminate almost all overhead from the equation, and we do not leave you out on your own. We’ll build the perfect complex and give you the materials to become a very successful franchisee.

    If you’re interested in becoming a franchisee, this is an option you must check out! Contact Tim McCormack at [redacted]

    It’s seriously worth your time. We hope to hear from you!

  • Sandy Snow

    Interested in hearing more about Thunder Beach. Please email some information. I live in Huntington Beach, Ca. Thanks!

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