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Village Coffee Fanwall

What’s so great about Village Coffee?

Share a comment below: Customers. Employees. Associates. Friends. What do you love about Village Coffee? Why makes it a Top New Franchise? Share a comment, insight, experience or positive message below.
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17 thoughts on “Village Coffee Fanwall

  • I have known Tommy for 3 years. Everything he sets his hand to will prosper. He is a great businessman and an all around great guy. If he says he will do it, consider it done.

  • Lonnie Dispennette

    There are two Village Coffee shops in my area. The consistency of products, level of service and relaxing atmosphere are second to none. The level of training the employees are provided is obvious in their pleasing attitude and skill preparing the assotment of beverages. It doesn’t take long to notice they are actually preparing the order, not pushing a button on a machine. There is no comparison beween a “barista” prepared expresso that is carefully ground, measured and tamped and one that comes from an automatic expresso machine like large chains use. Quality, atmosphere and warm welcomes – Village Coffee is a great business that actually gets it!

  • Barbara F.

    Village Coffee is a great place! Good coffee and delicious Frappe (first time I had ever had one) Tommy and Robin are very nice people and have done a fantastic job with the business. It is very pleasant and peaceful going to Village Coffee to have coffee with friends/family. Hallelujah!

  • Bill Kitchens

    Have enjoyed doing business with Village Coffee for over a year now. His store managers have been very pleasant and professional to deal with. Good luck to Village Coffee and God bless. We appreciate your business.

  • Erin Redd

    Village Coffee is a breath of fresh air for the Coffee Shop Industry. The casual atmosphere makes it an ideal place to hang out with family and friends. And, when you order your drink you’re not paying extra for “attitude” like you do at some other coffee shops. Working for this company has been wonderful, they really treat you like family. Tommy is great to work for and with. He makes opening a Village Coffee franchise easy and fun.

  • Fredna McNeese

    Village Coffee is a great place to meet a friend to catch up on what’s happening in their lives. I’m not a coffee drinker so I appreciate the fruit drinks and hot tea…in fact a friend and I actually slip up and call it “the tea room” occasionally! (Sorry Tommy!) It’s so nice to have a place where you can visit with someone without having to work it around an entire meal. To me, one thing that stands out is that even though it is smaller business, they do things in a big way – lots of quality and pizazz!

  • Les Teel

    Village Coffee has my vote for trying to do it the best all the time. They use only fresh high quality coffee beans to make your favorite bean juice. The other food items are tasty and fresh as well. The service is johnny on the spot and the people who serve you go the extra mile to make you feel like you’ve had an encouraging experience and not just a cup of coffee. The decorations and furnishings are culturally and contemporarily relevant. The atmosphere has an ambiance of relaxation when a few people are present desiring the library quiet environment and it also shifts into the fun and fellowship zone when a crowd comes in to hang out and listen to some local musicians share their sounds. Village Coffee is like a being a part of a living organism that brings you life along with your favorite cup of joe.

  • David Aronson

    Shane and Tommy both bring a great deal of passion to Village Coffee. We are very excited to be working with them as they continue to grow.

  • Kim Vinson

    Village Coffee is a great place to congregate, it’s peaceful, and quaint. i like it alot, it’s good, it’s all good. i can see this growing and going all over the nation. my brother in law is a significant part to the village coffee experience. oh yeh great coffee too.

  • Col (Ret.) Michael Ritz


    Allow me to offer my highest commendation to the Village Coffee establishment on Taylor Road near Vaughn Road in Montgomery, Alabama. They afford their customers truly exceptional coffee products, coffee making accessories, Italian ice cream, etc., etc., etc. In addition, the atmosphere and environment is outstanding. Supremely professional staff members – courteous, kind and most helpful – punctuate the extraordinary efforts and products from this establishment. I recommend them to anyone who enjoys the best of the best!

    Michael Ritz

  • Pat VandenBusch

    I love this coffee shop.(also the 2 in Montgomery) I have enjoyed taking new people into the shop and introducing them to the Sugar free, Fat free frappe’s. I also enjoy the family atmosphere it has. We have become very fond of the workers also. They treat you as or better than family. I also want to thank Tommy for all the extra things he does to make our coffee shop the best place to walk into each morning.Thank you.
    pat VandenBusch

  • Lee A. Farrow

    Village Coffee is a great place to hang out. I come here to meet colleagues and also bring my College Bowl students here to practice every week.

    Dr. Lee Farrow
    Department of History
    Auburn University Montgomery

  • Katie Wetherbee, Esq.

    My name is Katie Wetherbee and this summer I was here nearly every day studying for the Alabama Bar Exam.
    I just wanted to let you know– I PASSED!! I also wanted to say THANK YOU to your KIND staff and for your GREAT coffee that made the miserable experience of studying for the bar a little (ok, a lot) better. You have a GREAT little shop and I look forward to continued coffee breaks at Village Coffee!!
    Katie Wetherbee
    Bar pass-or extraordinaire!!

  • Eric Nelson

    I had the pleasure of meeting Tommy and Shane this week and are seriously considering a Village Coffee in my home State of Utah. What a wonderful place and the products are exceptional! A HUGE thank you for the opportunity and I look foward to working with them into the future.

  • Rosanna Johnson

    Village Coffee is truly my second home. When I am not working at the Coffee shop, I find myself there 20 hours out of the week studying, hanging out with friends, and just enjoying the atmosphere. We are a big family here at Village Coffee, and we want all of you to be a part of it!

  • Bradley Moody

    I come to Village Coffee weekly to meet with colleagues. Great atmosphere, good coffee.

    Dr. Brad Moody
    Political Science
    Auburn University Montgomery

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