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New Salon Franchise

The trend in the salon rental industry is now shifting toward the salon suite concept. There’s a new salon franchise hoping to capitalize on that trend: Salons by JC.

Salons by JC provides high-end retail space for beauty and wellness practitioners. The original Salon by JC opened in 1998. Other salons followed and there are now a total of 6 operating Salons by JC in the Arlington, Dallas, and San Antonio areas and Salons by JC is projecting 12 franchisees over the next 12 months.

The Salons by JC franchise program incorporates site selection, facility development, inventory guidance, and operational instruction into your business vision. Some of the advantages appear to be no inventory, low labor costs (only 1-2 employees needed to start your business) and the ability for the franchisee to operate as an absentee owner.

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