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NEW! Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Franchise

Waggin’ Tailz is a new Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Franchise opportunity.

According to their website, “Waggin’ Tailz is a petsitting franchise that provides a wide variety of professional and personalized in-home pet care services.  For clients who are traveling, we can care for their pets in their home as alternative to boarding in a kennel. Pets will stay in their own environment and maintain their regular feeding and exercise schedule–a great alternative to a noisy and confined kennel!”

“Waggin’ Tailz franchises are designed for individuals who have a passion for pets and dream of running their own pet care business, but don’t want to deal with the headaches, risk, or expense of starting a pet care business from scratch.  Our sophisticated infrastructure and comprehensive business model sets the groundwork for our franchisees’ success.  As a young franchise, we are dedicated to growing our company through highly motivated and dedicated franchisees.

“With everything we provide for you–training, support, software, supplies, marketing, website, and more–you’ll be able to make your dream of working with pets a reality!  Even if you have no previous experience in running a business, our training and support system will assist you every step of the way.”

Total Investment: $10,300-$17,350  Initial Franchise Fee: $8,000  Royalty Fee: 4%  Advertising Fee: 3%

If you are familiar with the Waggin’ Tailz petsitting franchise, please leave a comment below.

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