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New Divorce Franchise Opportunity

Established in 2006, Fairway Divorce Solutions offers a first-of-its-kind alternative to the traditional system of divorce by offering a new divorce paradigm that saves money, time, stress and protects the children. Charging a flat fee, Fairway Divorce Solutions uses a common sense step-by-step proven approach called The Fairway Process™. The Company is growing rapidly with franchises in Victoria, BC; Edmonton, AB; two in Calgary, AB; and one in Saskatoon, SK. Expansion plans into Eastern Canada and the United States will begin in 2009.

On January 15, 2009,  Fairway Divorce Solutions, Ltd. (Fairway) announced the opening of the Fairway Divorce Solutions® franchise in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

”We are excited to be offering Saskatoon a new alternative to divorce. In the traditional system, divorce can be costly, and Fairway offers a strategic step-by-step process with win-win resolutions that saves time, money, stress and protects the children,” said Karen Stewart, President and CEO of Fairway Divorce Solutions.

Carolyn Genest and Don Rosten are the new franchise owners who see significant value in offering Fairway’s new divorce paradigm to families in and around the Saskatoon area. Genest, the Saskatoon franchise’s spokesperson, is currently the Chief Financial Officer for a tourism and hospitality company in Saskatoon, and also acts as the company’s sales and marketing director.

“After learning about Fairway’s divorce paradigm through Dean Bergsma, the Edmonton Fairway franchise owner, we thought it was a fantastic opportunity. We felt that a company like Fairway would help keep people’s integrity while going through a divorce,” said Genest. “We have seen many people go through divorce, and there is a lot of animosity that follows years after. I fully appreciate the importance of a well-managed divorce, and the Fairway Process™ is a proven business model that I am proud to be a part of. This would be our way of giving back to the people of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan.”

Fairway Divorce Solutions is the brainchild of Karen Stewart, whose turbulent divorce using the traditional system not only prompted her to open Fairway Divorce Solutions and design The Fairway Process™, but to pen her first self-help book, Clean Break: How to Divorce with Dignity and Move on with Your Life. Source:  Fairway Divorce Solutions

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