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In Home Pet Services Franchise

Pet sitting & dog walking franchise for animal lovers 
IHPS250Start a great new career working with animals in the booming pet industry.

We offer pet sitting & dog walking franchises with complete in-depth training, unparalleled support, exclusive territory and so much more!

Franchise Name: In Home Pet Services
Franchisor Corporation: In Home Pet Services, Inc.
Website:   In Home Pet Services Franchise
HQ location:  Bellerose, NY 
Year Founded:  2002
Year Franchised: 2005
Number of units, company:  1
Number of units, franchised: 4
Initial investment: $7,200-31,200
Home-based Business? (Y/N): 
Priority Markets for Expansion:  NJ, Western Queens, NY, Western Suffolk County, NY

For franchise information: contact Robyn Elman

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47 thoughts on “In Home Pet Services Franchise

  • I just have to say that the day I found In Home Pet Services and of course Robyn, my entire life changed. I learned what the true purpose of my life was and Robyn helped achieve my dream of becoming an owner of one her Franchises. In Home Pet Services is a family and Robyn walks by our side day after day. I am very happy of being part of this growing family 🙂

    Thank you Robyn,

    Diana Hurtado
    In Home Pet Services of Forest Hills

  • Being able to work with Robyn has been amazing! I found out about In Home Pet Service through my sister, and it has been 3 years since I have been part of the staff. It’s just so much fun to be able to have a job that you love and clients (doggies & cats) who you simply adore! Robyn is great at what she does and is definitely a role model for my sister and I, since we just opened one of her franchises. In Home Pet Services is like a family and we give lots of love to our animal friends 🙂

    Maria Penate
    In Home Pet Services of Forest Hills

  • I have been a client of In Home Pet Services for eight years, and have watched the fledgling new business grow into the franchise opportunity it is today. I have an 11-1/2 year old yorkie with clinical separation anxiety, and if it weren’t for Robyn and her staff, I don’t know what I would have done all these years! They visit Brinks to feed him, play with him, and break up his “alone time” when I’m at work or out for a long day. They are extremely reliable and professional, and it has been a pleasure to see the business succeed and grow over the past several years! Any pet, anywhere, is lucky to have them as part of the litter 🙂

  • cindy lipschutz

    Robyn and her staff are simply amazing.The caring and effort and dedication they put into their work is fantastic. The website of In Home Pet Services is truly informative and actually “fun” to browse through. Robyn goes above and beyond in her love of this profession and it clearly shows in all she does. She and her business is an inspiration to all pet lovers.

  • What a great company, In Home Pet Services is!!! They provide a greatly needed service, in a personalized manner, and strive to meet their clients needs regardless of difficulty. I highly recommend this company for anyone who has a pet or strives to enter the pet services field with a extremely competent and supportive backing.

  • I met Robyn Elman of In Home Pet Services, Inc. about 9 months ago and have been blown away by her dedication to her clients and her staff, her enthusiasm and how amazing well she works with others in the pet industry. Her recent (and continuing) participation in helping out our local animal rescue non-for-profits in the community and her education of pet parents and professionals of Pet CPR & First Aid is wonderful. I hope others get to work with her!

  • Katy Schofield

    In Home Pet Services have improved the quality of my family’s life! Robyn and her colleagues are so good with our pets and so nice and very responsible!! I am so glad we found you. Thank you

  • Dana Malatino

    I have been an animal lover my entire life and my chocolate lab and I have tried out a variety of businesses and I have never been as satisfied with the overall care, passion and professionalism from any of the businesses I have tried out in the past as I am with In-Home Pet Services, Inc. I know that my pets are in exceptional hands when I leave them with Robyn or any of her competent staff members. I would recommend In-Home Pet Services, Inc to everyone 🙂

  • Tim Gemelli

    In Home Pet Services has truly impressed me and my family. They provide a great and much needed service with professionalism and dedication. Their attention to detail and level of caring cannot be matched. This is a fabulous company and I highly, highly recommend it .

  • I was initially referred to IHPS through a friend. I normally get pretty uptight about the care of my “little girls” (a beautiful Bichon and Beagle). Robyn and her staff assuaged all of my concerns. They were so nice! I’ve told all of my friends about them. I just wanted to spread the word r.e. their superb care since they’ve been so great to me!

  • Miss Sherry

    Robyn Elman & In Home Pet Services:
    An owner, company & team that go out of their way for the needs of your pets.
    Their clients come first, & are very reliable & trustworthy.
    No need to look elsewhere as this is where the dedication is.
    Where your animal can get exercise, company, fed, have a place to stay when you are away, & be comfortable knowing they are in experienced, welcoming hands.
    You also can get straight pet aid knowledge by taking a course with the owner Robyn herself.
    They must be doing something right with all the franchises & employees they have!
    I see it getting more & more successful & with many more franchises as time goes by, which means more happy customers & more satisfied clients….

    Pet in need.
    In Home Services indeed.

  • So happy with Robin and her crew! I thank you and my adorable Yorkie, Foster, thanks you too!

  • Tristan Piper

    In Home Pet Services is a very reliable company. They really fill a need in our community and now most of my neighbors use this company. We have even taken her Pet CPR course and learned quite a lot!

  • I have been an employee of In Home Pet Services for over 3 years and plan to be for 30 more! Working with IHPS has been the most rewarding job I have ever had! The care and dedication that is given by all employees to their clients is amazing! Robyn goes above and beyond to make sure that all clients are happy and comfortable! I am very happy to be a part of such a fantastic, growing company!

  • Annemarie Noel

    In Home Pet Services takes care of your furry loved ones while you’re away, for the day, or for extended periods of time. They are reliable, caring and responsible.

  • I have known Robyn for over 5 years personally and professionally. In Home Pet Services is a much needed service handled by caring, reliable and professional individuals. I would recommended them to anyone looking for a safe, loving place for their pets!

  • In Home Pet Services can be counted on to be there when you need them. Good people !

  • In Home Pet Services is a great company to work for! Truly the first job I ever had that I enjoy working for. You can see the enthusiasm in both the staff and the clients, and all the good energy makes IHPS an amazing company!

  • They are the bestest! Robyn and her team are wonderful caring individuals who nevre complain, always have a smile on their face and truly make a difference in the lives of those who use her service…but most importantly, the lives of the beloved pets that they touch.

  • In Home Pet Services is a unique, awesome one of a kind company with great vision.

  • In Home Pet Services provides a much needed service. Robyn and her crew are caring and professional and you leave knowing your pet is in great hands! They are the only ones I will trust with my pets!

  • Katharine Triper

    I have known Robyn for close to 15 years and am continually impressed with her ambition and professionalism. In Home Pet Services is a true reflection of Robyn and her level of professionalism. This is a wonderful company and all who use her services agree.

  • laurie lieberman

    Been with her for a really long time, trust her with my parrots like no other!

    Robyn you rock!

  • Marty Lipschutz

    In Home Pet Services and its founder, Robyn Elman are truly amazing. The care and love she provides to her client pets are as if they were her own. Her entire staff is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. This is a unique and special full-service pet company. I’d recommend it and a franchise to any pet owner or lover!

  • Robyn has been wowing the pet crowd for a long time now. Where else can you find a petsitter who is a certified instructor of pet CPR? She is energetic and reliable as both a sitter and a businessperson. Under her tutaledge there is now doubt that an enterprising person can run a successful frachise of In Home Pet Services.

  • Mitch Bobchin

    In Home Pet Services is fantastic. It is an extremely well-run and professional organization. The workers and owner, Robyn is a pet lovers dream/

  • Laurie Curti

    Robyn is the Best! Her knowledge of animals and her love for them shines through in everything she does.

  • Kathy Burrous

    I am in the unique position of being both a client & an employee of In Home Pet Services. Robyn & Annemarie have been wonderful with my dogs. I have had several special needs dogs who required rather detailed care which was handled very well by the IHPS staff. In Home Pet Services is a great place to work because I get the opportunity to take care of other people’s pets and it allows my the flexibility I need for both of my sons’ school schedules & extracurricular activities.

  • Bobo & Popcorn Aizeki

    Robyn is the best!! Our mom wouldn’t trust just anybody to take care of us… we can be quite rambunctious at times!! Love the entire Home Pet Services crew!!

  • In Home Pet Services is a great service for pets!!!

  • The best dog walking company I have ever seen!

  • The dedication that Robyn and her staff show to their clients is truly amazing. Every need that your pet has is taken care of 100 percent; whether it be a walk in the park, playtime, feeding, given medication or overnight boarding. You can completely trust your pet to Robyn and her dedicated staff. You can go off to work or on vacation without worrying about your pet. You have peace of mind when you deal with IHPS knowing that your pet is in safe hands. Satisfied customers are recommending their family and friends to IHPS and the business is growing by leaps and bounds. Great company; highly recommended. Their website is also informative and fun to read.

  • Shirley, Andy & Lucy the puggle

    In Home Pet Services is an amazing business. There are a number of pet sitting and walking services but none out there have the quality of animal-loving staff that IHPS has! I love being able to leave my dog in the hands of such a caring group.

  • In Home Pet Services has been clipping our parrot’s claws for years!
    They are the best, very professional and gentle with my killer bird and the in home convenience is impossible to beat.

    Thanks IHPS!

  • Robyn has built a great company and a wonderful franchise opportunity. She and her staff are very caring and treat every animal like their own. In Home Pet Services is the Best There is!

  • Beverly Poppell, Exec. Dir., Pet Safe Coalition, Inc.

    A more professional yet delightful person you couldn’t find! I have known Robyn for more than two years, through the Pet CPR/First Aid classes that she presents for Pet Safe Coalition. She makes the message — be prepared — fun and easy to achieve. It dovetails perfectly with the mission of Pet Safe Coalition: be prepared to keep yourself and your pets safe in disasters/emergencies. Robyn has been supporting Pet Safe’s pet-owner education efforts longer than any other enterprise. She cares about pets, their “people,” and their communities. It is an honor and a pleasure to know and work with a person of such high integrity.

  • Stacy Sanchez

    Robyn is the hardest working, most dedicated, and dependable person I have ever met. She brings that 100% to In Home Pet Services. I worked with her in the early days of this business, and it has been a highlight in my work experiences. Reading through these comments, it’s plain to see how wonderful Robyn and IHPS really is!

  • Irene Grapel

    In Home Pet Services is the best!
    They are reliable and love Sophie, my beagle.
    I know that she is well cared for when I am at work or away.

  • Misti Toro

    You cannot ask for better customer service or for anyone to care about your animals more. I would reccomend Robyn anyday!

  • I am thoroughly intrigued by the services of this company, In Home Pet Services, because I’ve never had such wonderful service at any other place that I have taken my pet. I would recommend this service to any of my friends without reservation.

  • I brought my dog to the Brooklyn location and when I came to pick her up, the employees were very respectful and treated my dog very well during the time she was there. I would highly recommend this franchise to other family members or friends.

  • In Home Pet Services has been giving incredible quality care for my two dogs for over a year. IHPS is heads and tails better than any service I have used before.

  • After receiving care from the In Home Pet Services, I am certain that I will continue to use this service as the primary service for my dogs at home care. In times of need, I know that they will be there for me and my dog, and that my dog will be in good hands.

  • after going on vacation for two weeks i left my yorkicon bailie with in home pet services bailie was taken care of exceptionally she was so happy and made lots of friends i recommend in home pet services number one they really put your dog first and take amazing care of ur dog

  • Christina Rago

    I just started using the new Forest Hills location. I was panicking because i unexpectedly had to go out of town at the last minute. They fit us in for a consult the same day, and started that evening. When I came back not only were my cats in great shape but my house was cleaner then i left it. This franchise seems to have great values, and definitely awesome service. Ill be using them again for my next planned trip! 🙂 Oh, and great facebook page!!!

  • What an amazing company. I never know how much IHPS could help so many people. We love our animals, and I know I always hated leaving my pets alone. The love and care that IHPS brings to them makes me feel great. The “family” feeling that Robyn brings is truly amazing!

  • michael and debbie klein

    Would like to know more info about the franchise business.,You can reach us at [redacted] .Looking forward to hearing from you .

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