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Illuminate Gym Fitness Franchise

Changing the face of fitness in America

Illuminate Gym is changing the face of fitness in America with our proprietary ‘High Oxygen Training.’ We’re making it possible for everyone to have a fitness professional help them with their fitness journey, and creating successful entrepreneurs by helping communities get a little more fit, one customer at a time.

Franchise Name:  Illuminate Gym
Franchisor Corporation:  Illuminate Gym Development Company
HQ location (city, state):  Denver, Colorado 
Year Founded:  2006
Year Franchised: 
Number of units, company:  2
Number of units, franchised:  5
Initial investment:  $40,000 – $125,000 
Net worth/Financial Requirements:  $50,000 – $100,000
Priority Markets for Expansion:  Just recently we have rolled this out to most markets in the United States.

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7 thoughts on “Illuminate Gym Fitness Franchise

  • Illuminate Gym is an extremely affordable fitness franchise opportunity and they offer a lot more than many of their counterparts.

  • Illuminate Gym is an amazing fitness franchise concept that I am really motivated to look into bringing to my community.

  • I think the most impressive part of the Illuminate Gym franchise model is they offer their own proprietary software which makes their model so much more attractive than many of the other personal fitness franchises out there. The Illuminate Gym franchise wasn’t necessarily the best franchise opportunity for me, but I was intrigued by all of their options.

    As a software engineer I told the represenatives at Illuminate Gym they should get into selling their software rather than selling franchises. I think this could be a great franchise model.

  • Good looking business model from what I am told. It is also fairly inexpensive. That being said a franchisee has to be willing to be the star of the franchise unit. This is not a fitness franchise that runs itself. It takes some personality. So if you have personality you will be good to go.

  • Illuminate Gym franchise development seems to be a decent model. It’s definitely affordable, but it looks like you have to be ready to work hard when you first open or hire someone. I checked out the model and I think for someone who is really into the fitness industry. Good franchise concept.

  • Illuminate Gym is an amazing franchise concept which really keeps the investment numbers really low for their franchisees. I think if you are interested in having a gym franchise Illuminate Gym is worth looking into. However, you must be really into fitness as the Illuminate Gym franchise model is not a membership based fitness franchise.

  • I own an Illuminate Gym and I can’t be more happy with the support and the business model. I will say that you better love fitness and helping people if you want to be successful in this business model…. or at least hire someone who does. It’s a great low-cost model that can have really high margins of profit.

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