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Gift Card Monkey Franchise

World’s first gift card trading franchise

Gift Card Monkey is the world’s first gift card trading franchise.  Gift Card Monkey stores provide an opportunity for people of all ages who have received gift cards that they don’t need, or people that have gift cards with partially used balances to exchange their gift cards for cash or other gift cards of their choice.  Gift Card Monkey franchisees purchase unwanted gift cards from customers at a discount and resell gift cards to other customers for a nice profit.

Franchise Name: Gift Card Monkey

Franchisor: Gift Card Monkey Franchising Corp.

HQ location: Miami, FL

Year Founded:  2010

Year Franchised: 2011

Number of units, company: 0

Number of units, franchised: 0

Initial investment: $19,900

Home-based Business? (Y/N): Y

Net worth/Financial Requirements: $19,900

Priority Markets for Expansion: U.S.

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