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Creative Tutors Fanwall

creative-tutors-logoHome-based tutoring franchise for experienced educators. Creative Tutors franchisees operate a home-based educational tutoring business serving students from grades PK-12. Creative Tutors franchisees enjoy training and support systems and an Internet-based reporting and accounting system that enables them to concentrate on marketing their services and building their businesses in their protected territories.

Franchise Name: Creative Tutors
CEO/Founder: Jan Van Blarcum, CEO (Interview)
Website links: Creative Tutors, Timmy’s Tutor Blog
Comments: Creative Tutors FanWall
Corp. Name: Creative Tutors 4 Kids International, Inc.
Year Founded: 1999
Year Franchised: 2004
Number of units, company: 1
Number of units, franchised: 12
Initial investment: $30,000 – 80,000
Minimum Net worth: $150,000
Home-based Business?: YES
Priority Markets for Expansion: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming

Contact information for franchise program:
Jan W. Van Blarcum, Ph.D.
Founder, Creative Tutors


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17 thoughts on “Creative Tutors Fanwall

  • Recently I have seen many “education” franchise opportunities around. However, the one that continues to stick out in my mind is Creative Tutors. Their approach seems to get better results than any of the others.

    In reviewing their organization, the franchisor has built a solid stable company with the right infrastructure and team to support the franchisees. Their investments in marketing, technology, processes and training have really positioned this franchise at the top of the list.

    Having talked to several of their franchise owners, they are positive about their businesses and are seeing continuous growth on many fronts.

    I would highly recommend this franchise opportunity for someone who wants a home based business that helps people, provides great financial opportunity, and a great team of people to work with.

  • Creative Tutors is a home based business that has the strength and structure of a Fortune 500 company. The franchisor, Jan Van Blarcum, has assembled an excellent team of franchise owners and staff that keep this franchise on the cutting edge.

    Although the infrastructure of the franchise is sturdy, it is very user friendly and is a great investment for anyone who is passionate about education, wants to make an impact on students and want to yield a great return on their investment.

    The franchise has quarterly meetings that are packed with information and training to keep all owners sharp with trends in education, resources available, district changes/modification and economic strategies. The franchisor and franchise owners are an awesome family, and all take great interest and very hands on approach in making sure that each franchise has what it needs to succeed.

    Creative Tutors provides one-on-one tutoring sessions for with licensed teachers in the homes of families. The franchise works hard year round to recruit teachers, and pays teachers at such a rate, that it is able to place an ear mark on quality teachers and provide students the best support and educational attention to excel.

  • I’ve known Jan Van Blarcum, the founder of Creative Tutors, since she launched her first franchise in 2004. Since then, she has gone from a single location to 12 franchisee- and two corporate-owned locations. She has grown the business consciously and carefully and planned for the long haul. Moreover, she has developed the company innovatively, like her commitment to online functionality from billing to franchisee training. It’s convenient, it’s green and it’s forward-thinking.

    Jan’s personal commitment, and the commitment of the company, is to provide the education kids need, whether the student is under-challenged in public school, needs extra help or is homeschooled and wants advanced knowledge. Moreover, the company is committed to delivering the learning conveniently in the child’s home, on the child’s timetable.

    Her commitment to her franchisees is very similar: help each franchisee meet her or his business and lifestyle goals. Retired or active teachers, stay-at-home moms, entrepreneurs – each will have different goals. The opportunity is designed to work for the needs of different individuals.

    Creative Tutors is a valid home-based business opportunity that offers benefits beyond the obvious lifestyle and convenience factors. It also offers a well-supported, open-ended business opportunity.

    Ultimately, Creative Tutors offers something that no public or private school can offer – an education that is individualized for the child. It also offers a business opportunity that is tailored for the franchisee.

  • I am impressed with the philosophy of Creative Tutors because it’s an education based on meaningful practices that promote learning opportunities using a strategy with metacognition.

    The owner, Jan Van Blarcum, is a generous and driven person. Her passion is spreading the benefits of learning to young people. She’s not interested in making an empire; instead she is very focused on providing quality education services.

    I think from what I’ve seen and experienced as a high school science teacher, and from being a professional in business, she has the right chemistry to offer this valuable tutoring service to help rectify the quagmire of K12 education. Jan is very diligent about her methods to find the right people to work with her and implement her vision. Overall, my impression is that she’ll be very successful in her endeavors and that her tutoring service is wanted and needed.

  • Jan Van Blarcum, Ph.D., Owner and Founder

    In 1999, Jan Van Blarcum, Ph.D. founded a local tutoring company that caters to the individual needs of a child. As an educator, Dr. Van Blarcum understood the importance of personalized attention in a child’s educational growth. Her passion for learning grew into a business endeavor that provides one-on-one tutoring to children with a variety of learning needs. Every child receives personalized, one-on-one attention from certified/degreed educators.

    When Jan decided to Franchise Creative Tutors in 2004, she began her process and methodology slowly and steadily to perfect the model along the way. She has gained momentum the past few years and in 2008 will officially launch the Creative Tutors Franchise Opportunity. Getting in on the ground floor and learning and growing through the process has made each owner stronger and more powerful during the journey.

  • I have known Jan and been involved with her organization for almost 3 years. From the very beginning, I knew that Jan was someone I wanted to build a relationship with, both professionally and personally.
    Jan has an amazing vision for her company and truly believes she can help children of all ages and abilities. She wants the best for her franchise owners and strives to create an environment where everyone can be successful.

  • A co-worker changed my life several years ago when she told me about a small company she was working for called Creative Tutors. I loved the concept because at that time I wanted to focus only on tutoring children and not business matters. Immediately, I began to earn great money!

    I admire Jan’s dedication to Creative Tutors. That dedication has allowed her to realize her dreams as a franchisor.

    Jan has great leadership abilities. Her leadership impacts everyone from the franchisee to, tutors, then students and parents, as well as the community.

    As a tutor the business made an impact in my life. Now as a franchise owner the impact is at a more significant level with more opportunity to realize more income. I am enjoying being a part of the journey and I still am able to help kids!

    I am so proud to be a part of such a great organization.

  • Creative Tutors provides amazing opportunities for community minded individuals who believe in the power of education. Also, the students of all skill levels who experience the truely customized one-on-one tutoring are empowered with confidence & knowledge that will benefit them & their communities for the rest of their lives!!

  • I have been working with Creative Tutors for almost 5 years now helping to Market and build their Brand. Creative Tutors has grown into a regionally and now a Nationally recognized Brand because of the brains behind the brand. The Brains come from Jan VanBlarcum, owner and Founder of Creative Tutors. Because of Jan’s vision and passion, she has created an amazing way to help children across the Globe while making this a profitable business and franchise opportunity at the same time. The concept of One-on-One in home tutoring is levels above the traditional venue of tutoring and the quality and service offered are unmatched. I’m proud to be involved with the Success and vision of this company and this is just the beginning of what is to come!

  • After moving to Texas 3 years ago, I was looking for work to subsidize our income since my wife was not going to be working. I began as a tutor working enough hours to accomplish what I needed to. After meeting Jan, I was amazed at her passion, commitment, and most importantly her vision of what she was trying to accomplish. Creative Tutors has allowed me to continue to do what I love to do by helping students and make money at the same time. I love everything that I do at Creative Tutors and hope to continue to contribute to the success of students.

    Creative Tutors is fantastic!

  • I watched Jan as she started with a dream in 1999 to help children reach their academic potential. Creative Tutors was born and she worked diligently to grow her new business. Ten years later, her energy, passion and integrity is now directed toward assisting her franchise owners to share and expand her mission of allowing all children to reach their academic potential. As her sister and owner of Creative Tutors Wake Co, NC, I appreciate all she does to support her franchisees succeed.

  • I’ve know Jan and been involved with her dream to help all children reach their full academic potential since 1999. Her dedication to children is immeasurable; as is her vision for a homebased business that will fill the needs of stay at home parents. Dedication and vision are the most important qualities of any successful business owner. Jan has both!

  • The social brand that Creative Tutors has established under the cartoon series Timmy’s Tutor is not just adorable but a necessary message in our marketplace. This creative approach to educate the reader with the message that children find joy in learning makes this “learning is fun” message endearing to those that follow Timmy and Ms. Rita and their escapades. A company that makes the commitment to impact the industry with such a real and passionate message is one that I find carries that message into the tutoring relationship. Kids are our future and Creative Tutors impacts kids in a very creative and positive way! I have experienced Creative Tutors first hand and am proud to say they deliver excellence every time!

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  • Jacqueline Flowers

    how does this compare to clubZ.. i have seen many reports on club Z but this is the first time I have heard of Creative Tutors..

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